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The Photo Folio


The Photo Folio

My interest in photography dates back to early childhood. The camera was something I understood mechanically thanks to the endless diagram-drawing and metaphor-utilizing techniques my dad would use to explain pretty much anything to us. It must have worked because I built on the knowledge he shared, applying to his time-tested techniques my own penchant for filling the content of the frame from a creative perspective.

To help take my mind off the relentless San Fernando Valley summer heat, he helped turn the bathroom into a darkroom. We used one of his antique cameras that might as well have had a bulb attached to its top and played all kinds of tricks on the poor thing. We’d keep its shutter open, make the room pitch black and wave a flashlight in the air to make electric hearts, stars, circles and pretty much anything you can draw in one fluid motion. I learned about “light burning the film” and we’d make contact sheets of brightly floating shapes against a tiled bathroom wall.

I ended up taking photography classes at the nearby community college and used a (now archaic) SLR that probably belonged to my oldest brother. I spent hours pouring over a stop bath, strained my eyes in the red-bulb lighting of a dark room and came home regularly smelling like developer. I’d help friends in their photo labs and posed for their photo projects. It wasn’t just me interested in the captured moment – I had friends to ricochet my growing interest off of, too.

The digital age came so quickly that my mind, eager and ready to learn about film stock, was soon taken over by the immediacy of digitization. Now equipped with a beaming Nikon D90, I’m heavily armed with my own DSLR. I’m banking on my predisposed interest to develop so I can surpass all the recreational, editorial and professional limits I can get to. I want to capture still life and life in violent motion, subtle undertones and vibrantly saturated colors, the mountains of expression in minimalism and the silence within chaos. Basically, all of it.

Visit the palate for exhibition here:


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