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29 May 2007: xZotica Showcases Student Talent

Posted by Christina on March 6, 2009

zf-feelingisfirstThree years after my first year at the paper covering the xZotica film festival at UCI, I get the chance to do it again. Each year there’s just as much, if not more talent from the previous year and to be a part of that group of alumni is a great feeling as well.

New University Newspaper: xZotica Showcases Student Talent

xZotica Showcases Student Talent
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 30 | May 29 2007

This year’s James Bond-themed xZotica film festival showcased more than just students’ stabs at action flicks.

Films were shown in six genres, including music video, comedy, drama, horror/thriller, mockumentary/documentary and experimental. While many films were submitted to the film festival, only 19 made it through, presenting a veritable best-of-the-best of UC Irvine’s young filmmakers.

The festival was presented by ZotFilm. Specializing mostly in digital film production, the club is not exclusive to only film and media studies majors but extends an invitation to anyone with a sense of film appreciation.

The community of film and media studies majors and student filmmakers are usually tight-knit groups with similar objectives and a flare for innovative filmmaking.

It’s no surprise that most student films feature a recycled cast when friends help with each other’s films. This is what makes UCI’s xZotica unique. It is truly a showcase of art brought together by the students.

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31 May 2004: xZOTica Film Festival

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

zf-winner1I only realized how amazing the Film & Media Studies Department at UCI is during my fifth and final year at school. What’s great about it is that students take it upon themselves to really use the university’s resources and make it an arena for them to explore all parts of film making before exposing themselves to the real world. xZOTica was their premiere film festival and was actually pretty awesome.

New University Newspaper: xZOTica Film Festival

xZOTica Film Festival
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 30 | May 31 2004

The fourth annual xZOTica film festival, put on by campus club ZotFilms, took place Friday night at the Humanities Instructional Building where the night’s theme was all 1980s. In the midst of filmmakers presenting and competing with their short films encompassing various genres and categories, raffles and prizes were given out, food and drinks were available outside and music played loudly for whoever came – whether you were one of the directors or just a spectator.

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