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10 Nov 2003: Talented Students Stand Out Among the Crowds

Posted by Christina on February 6, 2009

violinThis was the first assignment I was given so naturally, they gave me someone to work with. The bit about the boy in Middle Earth  who plays the violin was meant to be what I was to work on as I lived in Middle Earth myself. Of course, the editors brought it together into a cohesive story but the kick of seeing my name in print set off a domino effect of the desire to publish more.

New University Newspaper: Talented Students Stand Out Among the Crowds

Talented Students Stand Out Among the Crowds
by Christina Nersesian and Sara Foroshani
Volume 37, Issue 8  |  Nov 10 2003

Everyone has some kind of talent, and somewhere in their lifetime, this talent will be noticed and praised. But there are always those exceptional few that catch the eye of the people they come into contact with for the skills they possess. These very rare students are hard to pinpoint in the massive UCI population, but be assured, they do exist.

In the Middle Earth housing complex of UC Irvine, freshman Anthony Milano, 19, from Modesto, Calif. hopes to graduate in four years with a degree in biological sciences. He also has a prodigious talent playing the violin. Where arts and sciences usually clash, this UCI student finds amongst them a common ground for his interests.

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