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22 November 2004: Let It Snow…Boarders

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

uci-boardriders-clubThe UCI Board Club actually made it snow in the middle of November in sunny Southern California. The hilly grass-covered area that held Reggaefest only a few months before, was covered in densely packed and flaky soft snow. Boarders took turns doing tricks down the slope and to everyone’s amazement, the snow wasn’t so easily claimed victim by the noontime sun.

New University Newspaper: Let It Snow…Boarders

Let It Snow…Boarders
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 38, Issue 10 | Nov 22 2004

In some places around the world, the change of seasons is particularly pronounced. However, in perpetually sunny Southern California, summer has a tendency to last all year. UC Irvine students were given a rare treat: Snow.

As the sun shone brightly at UCI on Nov. 17, snowboarders anxiously awaited the arrival of the rarest of coastal Californian commodities.

The UCI Board Club hosted ‘Rail Jam,’ a snowboarding demonstration in which snowboarding companies showcased their sponsored riders, with KROQ providing the music. The biggest draw however, was the arrival of several tons of snow, transforming the Student Center lawn into a mountain slope.

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