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4 February 2008: The Mars Volta

Posted by Christina on March 18, 2009

mv1The Bren Events Center at UCI is a very strange thing. One minute, they’re setting up bleachers and making good use of their stadium seating for a basketball game. Next minute they’re donning the trees outside its box office with peace flags to welcome the Dalai Lama. Then they’re ushering the young and old through the masses for the graduation ceremonies and every so often – which is quite often – they’re doling out wristbands and cuing up the sound system for a bona fide rock concert. I was lucky enough to be able to cover it when The Mars Volta graced our eclectic stage.

New University Newspaper: The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 41, Issue 16 | Feb 04 2008

For one night the Bren Events Center was home to a colorful crowd of individuals. Each person brought in a new form and character; an image different from what we’re used to seeing mulling around campus. The venue is typically an area with space paved through stadium seating for our celebrated and varied sports teams to show their stuff. That night it was littered with mohawks, scruffy beards and unisex tight jeans, clear celebrators of the music the audience would hear that night.

It is definitely a noticeable event when UC Irvine hosts a band with as much clout in the music industry as The Mars Volta has. Echoes of their last huge show in California rang through the crowd.

There was a delay in the grand entrance of the band and mixing mastermind Wes the Mes kept the hungry Volta wolf-fan hybrids at bay. Wes the Mes is looking into going to Europe with the band during their upcoming tour dates. You might even find his remix styles on the band’s new release.

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