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4 June 2007: Reggaefest 2007

Posted by Christina on March 6, 2009

reggaefestNeedless to say, as I got older, Reggaefest became a lot more fun. It was a privilege to be able to report on the event again because not only is it such a great event, but when your assignment is to cover something you would have gladly gone to anyway, it just makes it all the more enjoyable.

New University Newspaper: Reggaefest 2007

Reggaefest 2007
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 31 | Jun 04 2007

The hills of Aldrich Park were swarming with festival-goers as the Associated Students of UC Irvine, along with Student Services,` put on the 20th Reggaefest for 2007.

Alongside Shocktoberfest in the fall and Wayzgoose later in the school year, Reggaefest is one of UCI’s three annual festivals traditions.

‘Reggaefest has been alive for over two decades and it is just as important as any other major event because it is truly unique to our campus and our students just look forward to it!’ said ASUCI Vice President of Student Services Rosanna Huang, a fourth-year political science and sociology double major.

‘We keep a very open mind about what goes into our festivals and we figure the more diverse an event, the more interesting it’ll be, and the less, students will be bored,’ Huang said. ‘With the bands, we had a lot of help from KUCI’s DJs Gregory G and Big Jim, who have an extensive knowledge of Reggae culture and music.’

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7 June 2004: Reggaefest 2004

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

cimg2174This was, by far, the most fun I had ever had on campus as a freshman. While they did serve alcohol at the event, they were good about not letting the under-21 crowd coerce friends in ASUCI (Associated Students at UCI) to slip them a pint or two. Regardless, there was music, laughter and a sprawling green hill that now houses the new Student Center. It was an absolute privilege to be given the job of covering the event. It’s such a great way of finally breathing comfortably after an entire year of school work.

New University Newspaper: Reggaefest 2004

Reggaefest 2004
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 31 | Jun 07 2004

The Student Center lawn was filled with music, free food and excitement, creating an all-around positive atmosphere. Beneath the bright sun, UCI students were finally feeling the anticipation of summer with just two weeks left of school.

‘We’ve been having [Reggaefest] for several years now,’ said fourth-year political science major, Arnab Banerjee, one of the campus events commissioners for ASUCI. ‘This is basically a celebration of Reggae culture as well as a way of giving back to UCI students. Free food, free beer, free frozen margarita drinks. It’s just a way to celebrate the culmination of the end of the year. It’s really a chill atmosphere and I think a lot of students like to come out at this time of the year right before finals and just have a good time right before they have to start studying.’

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