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24 May 2004: Marriage Equality Celebration

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

safezoneIf I had known four years after reporting on this event, the great state of California would grow into such turmoil over the content on which I was then reporting on, it would have changed my perspective on the whole thing. It was eye opening and thoroughly interesting to experience an event like this. Most of these first stories I did during my freshman year and had I spent my time living in the dorms and going to class, I wouldn’t have been able to really immerse myself into the half of what was going on out there. This story is just another great example of how much of a learning process writing for the New University Newspaper was.

New University Newspaper: Marriage Equality Celebration

Marriage Equality Celebration
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 29 | May 24 2004

OUTspoken and the Irvine Queers held a Marriage Equality Celebration event on Ring Road on May 17 to celebrate newlypassed legislation in Massachusetts which formally legalizes same-sex marriages within the state.

The Marriage Equality Celebration was a part of a larger, celebration put on by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center which started a week before this event.

Event Coordinator Freddie Diaz, a fourth-year international studies major and Spanish minor, decided to have the rally to honor the newly passed law in Massachusetts.

‘I think it’s important that we, as an LGBT and straight community, unite the entire nation, saying what Massachusetts did [to legalize] same-sex marriages should happen everywhere,’ Diaz said. ‘It’s not only a state thing in Massachusetts that people are looking forward to it but also people in the entire nation, including California.’

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26 April 2004: Israeli Ambassador Encourages Reforms

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

mark_regev4Reporting on an event like this really opened my eyes to a whole new world of reporting on events. Being a freshman at UCI, I also showed me how the day’s youth really did care about seemingly more adult things. This was something I was experiencing for the first time, really.

New University Newspaper: Israeli Ambassador Encourages Reforms

Israeli Ambassador Encourages Reforms
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 25 | Apr 26 2004

The Anteaters for Israel were met with protesters outside the Barclay Theater Monday night when they invited spokesman of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., Mark Regev to speak about the Israeli government.

Regev began by explaining that Israel’s independence day is a time for Israelis to reflect on the things they did wrong as well as what they’ve done right with their country.

‘The wonderful depiction is of Castro’s Cuba or Kim Il Sung’s North Korea. Those have no problems because everything is perfect,’ Regev said. ‘In normal countries like the United States there are problems and these problems have to be dealt with.’

‘But then we make that balance of what we’ve achieved and what we haven’t achieved … what has been done well and what could be done better, what we’ve failed and where we’ve succeeded. There’s one thing that I as an Israeli can be proud of, and that is the fact that in our 56 years of independence, we’ve managed to build a very vibrant, diverse and powerful democracy.’

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12 April 2004: Suspect at Large for Sexual Assault in Parkwood

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

This was one of two pieces I had published within the same week. This was the first News piece I did where I had to directly contact sources outside of UCI. Needless to say, it was an interesting case.

New University Newspaper: Suspect at Large for Sexual Assault in Parkwood

Suspect at Large for Sexual Assault in Parkwood
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 23 | Apr 12 2004

Approaching women throughout the day, 27-year-old Alvaro Flores has been suspected of approaching women from behind, knocking them down and removing their underwear by force.

He has struck most recently at the Parkwood Apartment Complex in the University and Michelson area on March 25 at approximately 5:45 p.m. The assailant then fled the area on foot and has not yet been located. The victim was not injured in this case.

Parkwood Apartments manager Jennifer Heiger had no comment about what happened. As far as what steps the complex has taken for added security, Heiger only added that she believes that whatever information they release will be counterproductive to the current situation.

‘All the patrol officers that patrol that area are aware that the most recent incident occurred in that apartment complex,’ said Lieutenant Mike Hamel, part of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Irvine Police Station. ‘They are being diligent in ensuring Parkwood apartments are patrolled and they keep their eyes out for anybody suspicious.’

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5 April 2004: New Dean Appointed to School of Management

Posted by Christina on February 6, 2009

uci_seal_solidThis was officially my first news story. I really got a feel for investigation even before I had started to take any classes for the Literary Journalism major.

New University Newspaper: New Dean Appointed to School of Management

New Dean Appointed to School of Management
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 22  |  Apr 05 2004

After serving as dean of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business for 10 years with a Kuechenmeister Professorship, Andrew J. Policano will be appointed dean of UCI’s Graduate School of Management beginning August 2004.

After years of being dean at the University of Wisconsin, he became a professor in the business school for two years. His move to UCI provides him with a change of pace.

‘I stepped down after 10 years because I certainly believe that people stay in these jobs too long. While things are going extremely well [at the University of Wisconsin] I had had the objective of a 10 year horizon, then taking a break and perhaps finding another challenging position that would be a lot of fun,’ Policano said.

Although UCI is the newest university in California, Policano still acknowledges the school as a first-rate educational institution. He also realizes that the GSM has an excellent business school with its faculty, students, staff, successful alumni and thriving business community in Irvine.

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