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26 August 2006: Concert Report – Monsters Are Waiting at Sunset Junction

Posted by Christina on March 2, 2009

img_20091Working with a couple friends on a magazine they wanted to start up called Self Inflict Magazine, we were able to get into Sunset Junction in Silver Lake and interview some of the headlining bands, mainly Monsters Are Waiting. We took pictures of them and watched them perform. All in all, it was a street fair full of music and food, akin to San Diego’s Street Scene and a way smaller version of Indio’s Coachella.

Concert Report: Monsters Are Waiting at Sunset Junction

Monsters Are Waiting
Sunset Junction Street Fair, Silver Lake, CA
Saturday 26 August 06
3:00 p.m.
Opening: Kill Rabbit Kill, The Minor Cannon, Great Northern, The Little Ones

The Sunset Junction Street Fair is not only a street fair but a music festival held annually in Silver Lake. The first two-day neighborhood run festival was held in 1980 and since then has its yearly appearance closing down the streets of Silver Lake and Echo Park during the late summer heat of August. At first, it was an attempt to unify the predominantly Latino community which had seen change since then with the increasing numbers of gay community members. Now, more than two decades later, the community can enjoy their yearly tradition as a time of celebration for not only the unity amongst community members but it also showcases the thriving alternative and indie music scene of Silver Lake.

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24 August 2006: Concert Report – Kicking, Squealing, Gucci, Little Piggies

Posted by Christina on March 2, 2009

w_radioheadIn the second Summer Session I took a History of Rock Music class and had to write two concert reports. These were fairly second nature, at this point, and really fun to do. I picked events I had recently gone to and did not recycle old concert nostalgia or reviews to write these two pieces.

Concert Report: Kicking, Squealing, Gucci, Little Piggies

Main Act: Radiohead
Embarcadero Marina Park, San Diego, CA
Monday 26 June 06
7:00 p.m.
Opening: Deerhoof

The concert venue at the Embarcadero Marina Park is a small piece of land, a miniature peninsula that jets out from a tiny cove of boats anchored behind gates and planks of a marina. This outdoor venue is one of the more spectacular mind trips any concert-goer could experience, aside from the show itself. Standing room only for diehard fans can only go so far with the water on either side, little waves crashing against a mass of rocks that hold this peninsula together. The ocean breeze is undeniable. A jump up above the crowd throws a whiff of salt water laden air into your lungs, regenerates your tired leg muscles from standing and jumping too long and forearm muscles from defending the renegade mosh pit.

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6 June 2006: A Musical Autobiography – Saving Grace in Glendale, California

Posted by Christina on March 2, 2009

lark_logoI took a Music Appreciation class at UCI one summer because I wanted to tap into that part of the person I was before I left for college. I wrote about how I was connected to music in my musical autobiography.

A Musical Autobiography: Saving Grace in Glendale, California

In some strange way the overprotective bubble of my San Fernando Valley Armenian school gave me even more incentive to burst out of its boundaries. One of the largest Armenian schools in Southern California, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School had at least one thousand students from kindergarten to high school, all Armenian. Most immigrant parents sent their kids here with hopes of thrusting them back into their culture, having them graduate with a plethora of Armenian friends and an ability to read, speak and write the language as well as they could with English.

Unbeknownst to these well-wishing parents, this school was run on “Old World” mentality-making their graduates doctors and lawyers so they can make money. The most basic understanding of survival and success in a foreign land always involves money. They grasped onto this concept.

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