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26 May 2008: ‘Badlands’

Posted by Christina on March 20, 2009

badlandsThe review for this film, ‘Badlands,’ never came out on the day it was supposed to. It actually never came out at all. I didn’t find it in the paper come Monday morning and when I asked, apparently there was breaking news they had to cover and cut the least important piece. ‘Badlands’ was an old film – one of the films in the American Cinema series for the FVC – and the editor said he wasn’t there Sunday when they were putting it all together so it was out of his hands. Convenient. Regardless, here it is, all unedited and without a headline. It really was such a great film.


The Film and Video Center at UCI kicked off their last film series for the school year, New Hollywood Cinema, with Terrence Malick’s directorial debut of a feature film, “Badlands.” This 1973 film, starring the budding star, Charlie Sheen as Kit Carruthers and a daisy-fresh Sissy Spacek as Holly Sargis, broke genre boundaries in the already established and highly-revered Hollywood cinema scheme.

Thanks to a rise in young and independently thinking filmmakers fresh out of film school and highly influenced by French New Wave, films like “Badlands” brought new modes of cinematography, character development and narrative traditions like nothing the industry had seen before. Also referred to as the American New Wave, studios were releasing films the likes of “Easy Rider,” “The Graduate” and “Bonnie and Clyde” that spoke to the irreverent, counterculture youth of the 1960s.

Addressing a young audience in a film about young people, Malick’s premiere opus to the filmmaking world established his signature marks of naturalistic cinematography and the psyche of youth as prominent themes. Within New Hollywood Cinema, “Badlands” shined as critics marveled at Malick’s successful directorial and script writing accomplishment.

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19 May 2008: Jean-Luc Godard

Posted by Christina on March 20, 2009

breathlessThe FVC was just relentlessly amazing that quarter, especially for me when so much French New Wave swept through Thursdays nights in Humanities Instructional Building. They had a week of Jean-Luc Godard films and another writer reviewed “Bande à Part” while I reviewed “Breathless.”

New University Newspaper: Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard
by Abe Ahn and Christina Nersesian
Volume 41, Issue 29 | May 19 2008


by Christina Nersesian

The Film and Video Center at UC Irvine has been steadily bringing some of the finest cinematic achievements to Orange County’s only weekly cinematheque for the past 10 years. Since the beginning of this past winter quarter, with film and media studies professor Lauren Steimer at the helm as FVC director, we’ve seen such marvels as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 film, “Notorious” in its original 35mm print. They’ve also taken part in the Latin American Film Festival at UCI, showcasing a full gamut of talent across the board of Latin American filmmakers through the FVC.

The beginning of May marked the start of one of its series, showcasing French Cinema in the ’60s. The series premiered with director Jacques Demy’s 1964 film, “Umbrellas of Cherbourg,” the way it should be seen—in restored 35mm with a screaming color palette. The series closed with two films by influential French film director Jean-Luc Godard who, along with the workings of other French filmmakers of the ’50s and ’60s, unknowingly pioneered the French New Wave of filmmaking.

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10 March 2008: Keepin’ It ‘Real-Time’ In ‘Cleo from 5-7’

Posted by Christina on March 19, 2009

cleofrom5to71_002The Film and Video Center (FVC) had a beautiful collection of films for the 2007/2008 school year. I jumped at nearly every chance to review the films that came through and did my best to see all of them, whether I reviewed them or not. Professor Lauren Steimer put together one of the greatest collection of films I could have ever experienced. One thing I do miss from UCI would definitely be the FVC.

New University Newspaper: Keepin’ It ‘Real-Time’ In ‘Cleo from 5-7’

Keepin’ It ‘Real-Time’ In ‘Cleo from 5-7’
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 41, Issue 21 | Mar 10 2008

Just when you thought Irvine was one of those hopelessly boring towns void of any cultural character, out comes Orange County’s sole cinematheque from your very own UC Irvine. It is a time of transformation for the familiar classroom environment of the Humanities Instructional Building. Patrons find that once a week during the school-year quarters, its stadium seating is truly put to good use.

This quarter the Film and Video Center (FVC) is directed and run by Professor Lauren Steimer from the Department of Film and Media Studies. For her, screenings held by the FVC act as an extension to the world outside the classroom not only for students, but for community members as well. The FVC screenings are often times singular events within the Orange County area and with some programs, the entire country.

Last week the FVC screened ‘Cleo de 5 a 7,’ a film from 1962 by French director Agnes Varda whose focus on documentary realism in her films was clearly evident within the proposed fictive world of this particular film. The use of a ‘real-time’ edited narrative is indicative of this film as we follow a single character through two hours of her life.

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26 Jan 2004: FVC Displays Alli’s Artistic Work

Posted by Christina on February 6, 2009

Still from Antero Alli's film, Under a Shipwrecked Moon

Still from 'Under a Shipwrecked Moon'

The FVC at UCI is one of the best things about the campus. I’ve reported on many of their events and since I’m not meant to be unbiased here, I will freely praise the FVC for all their great work. The only cinematique in Orange County, the FVC is a truly brilliant extension of the Film & Media Studies department and major. The films they’ve shown have nearly always had some appropriate special meaning or they’ve been some sort of rare screening of a particular film in an even more particular format or. Some films have even been accompanied by the likes of film director David Lynch and Jackie Curtis of Andy Warhol’s Factory circuit. Regardless, for about three dollars and your student ID card – or not, as non-students and non-faculty members could enjoy – you’re watching a great film on a huge screen.

My first exposure to the FVC was to review Antero Alli’s film Under a Shipwrecked Moon where the director conducted a Q&A after the screening. The article was even picked up by the website in the page’s “Film Clips and Reviews” section.

New University Newspaper: FVC Display’s Alli’s Artistic Work

FVC Displays Alli’s Artistic Work
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 14 | Jan 26 2004

Instead of your average Hollywood flick bound to become a blockbuster hit, the UCI Film and Video Center screens a new independent and underground film every Thursday night in the Humanities Instructional Building, room 100.

Writer/Director Antero Alli was present at the Jan. 22 screening of his latest underground film, ‘Under a Shipwrecked Moon,’ as well as Sylvi Alli who collaborated with Antero and composed and oversaw much of the soundtrack. Sylvi also played the role of the shaman woman in the film, to whom all the characters trace a relation to.

The film tells the story of an elderly Finnish man’s journey. Family secrets are revealed as his grandson, ‘a self-made shamanic punk rocker’ named Jari, enters the dreams of his Finnish grandfather who has slipped into a comatose state.

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