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3 March 2008: MFD – Golden Reels and Red Carpets

Posted by Christina on March 19, 2009

scene_setter_red_carpet_lg-copyThe Mad Film Dash at UCI is one of my favorite events. The awards ceremony is the best part because they show all the films nominated and you really get to see some of the extraordinary talent hidden behind textbooks and storyboard dreams.

New University Newspaper: MFD – Golden Reels and Red Carpets

MFD: Golden Reels and Red Carpets
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 41, Issue 20 | Mar 03 2008

The idea of having a college campus film festival is not unique to UC Irvine and the bookstore. Still, it is with guys like fourth-year music major Andrew Capra and fourth-year film and media studies major, Morgan Swift, that our Mad Film Dash has proven to be one of the most innovative and exciting events of them all.

In the Pacific Ballroom last Wednesday, students were finally enjoying the fruits of their tuition dollars with the new Student Center. A rowdy group gathered before an entrance paved with a red carpet and crowned with blinding lights, ready for the Mad Film Dash Awards Ceremony.

Hollywood can keep its Oscars and the French can keep their Cesar du cinema. Mad Film Dash winners received a golden reel case to represent their crowning achievement within such a singularly creative and stellar event. Each of the 25 films screened were excellent in their own right.

The evening’s award ceremony showcased how the event has matured into a positive, creative outlet within the UCI student community. From danceable music video numbers to murderous detective stories and high drama scenarios, nothing was off limits for this year’s teams. With over 58 completed films, there was a little bit of everything to go around.

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29 October 2007: ‘Peace and Love’ at Antstock

Posted by Christina on March 9, 2009

Antstock is one of the three competitions put on my the UCI Bookstore and spearheaded by two UCI students, now alumni. They’re in charge of Photolympics and the Mad Film Dash, bring full circle the tripartite media competition on campus.

New University Newspaper: ‘Peace and Love’ at Antstock

‘Peace and Love’ at Antstock
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 41, Issue 6 | Oct 29 2007

Not all of last week’s Student Center grand-opening events were quelled by the impending doom of smoke and ash that surrounded us. Sure, we lost our parade of golf carts, and the tables at the new Student Center were all pushed aside for the birds. Determined to celebrate these efforts that have brought our school a long way, Antstock and Shocktoberfest persevered right on schedule.

What should have been a mock-Woodstock – outdoors and under the Orange County starlight – transformed into an indoor music festival with patrons rocking back and forth in the comfy chairs of Crystal Cove Auditorium. No lighters to heartfelt rock ballads in here, just tapping toes to the blaring sound system that probably was designed to handle lecture slides instead of the sonic tirade four entry-participants had to offer.

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4 June 2007: Lights, Camera, Photolympics

Posted by Christina on March 6, 2009

Advertising photo for the 2009 Photolympics

Advertising photo for the 2009 Photolympics

There’s an event trifecta thanks to two fine young men who are not only students at UCI, but work at the bookstore’s computer store. They’ve established events like Antstock, Mad Film Dash and the Photolympics. It’s great because students get to do something with the skills they learn through school while their efforts have no impact on the curriculum, grading or anything like that. Plus, they get cool computer gear for winning.

New University Newspaper: Lights, Camera, Photolympics

Lights, Camera, Photolympics
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 31 | Jun 04 2007

The UC Irvine Computerstore’s second annual Photolympics is close to deciding winners this weekend where final submissions had been made with judging and web voting taking place online. . With the awards ceremony coming up on Wednesday, submitters may be on edge, although the efforts of the artistic endeavors stand strong throughout.

Third-year music major Andrew Capra, put together the Photolympics competition after being inspired by the UCI Mad Film Dash.

‘I had just finished the 2nd annual Mad Film Dash, and after attendance for that tripled, I decided it was time to try some new ventures,’ Capra said. ‘I worked for the UCI Computerstore doing events, promotions, marketing; now I’ve transitioned to all the Bookstore events, as well, since some of the staff merged.’

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4 June 2007: Reggaefest 2007

Posted by Christina on March 6, 2009

reggaefestNeedless to say, as I got older, Reggaefest became a lot more fun. It was a privilege to be able to report on the event again because not only is it such a great event, but when your assignment is to cover something you would have gladly gone to anyway, it just makes it all the more enjoyable.

New University Newspaper: Reggaefest 2007

Reggaefest 2007
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 31 | Jun 04 2007

The hills of Aldrich Park were swarming with festival-goers as the Associated Students of UC Irvine, along with Student Services,` put on the 20th Reggaefest for 2007.

Alongside Shocktoberfest in the fall and Wayzgoose later in the school year, Reggaefest is one of UCI’s three annual festivals traditions.

‘Reggaefest has been alive for over two decades and it is just as important as any other major event because it is truly unique to our campus and our students just look forward to it!’ said ASUCI Vice President of Student Services Rosanna Huang, a fourth-year political science and sociology double major.

‘We keep a very open mind about what goes into our festivals and we figure the more diverse an event, the more interesting it’ll be, and the less, students will be bored,’ Huang said. ‘With the bands, we had a lot of help from KUCI’s DJs Gregory G and Big Jim, who have an extensive knowledge of Reggae culture and music.’

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29 May 2007: xZotica Showcases Student Talent

Posted by Christina on March 6, 2009

zf-feelingisfirstThree years after my first year at the paper covering the xZotica film festival at UCI, I get the chance to do it again. Each year there’s just as much, if not more talent from the previous year and to be a part of that group of alumni is a great feeling as well.

New University Newspaper: xZotica Showcases Student Talent

xZotica Showcases Student Talent
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 30 | May 29 2007

This year’s James Bond-themed xZotica film festival showcased more than just students’ stabs at action flicks.

Films were shown in six genres, including music video, comedy, drama, horror/thriller, mockumentary/documentary and experimental. While many films were submitted to the film festival, only 19 made it through, presenting a veritable best-of-the-best of UC Irvine’s young filmmakers.

The festival was presented by ZotFilm. Specializing mostly in digital film production, the club is not exclusive to only film and media studies majors but extends an invitation to anyone with a sense of film appreciation.

The community of film and media studies majors and student filmmakers are usually tight-knit groups with similar objectives and a flare for innovative filmmaking.

It’s no surprise that most student films feature a recycled cast when friends help with each other’s films. This is what makes UCI’s xZotica unique. It is truly a showcase of art brought together by the students.

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7 May 2007: Coachella ’07 – Part I

Posted by Christina on March 5, 2009

6a00d8341d682a53ef00e55069df678833-800wiI was so thrilled to be able to offer my input on this year’s Coachella to the newspaper. Unfortunately, covering Coachella didn’t give any of us backstage passes or super-awesome-access wristbands but it was a really great spread and very well organized. There were a couple of us who covered the festival and so they split the covered between a couple parts. I was given the first part and the introduction.

New University Newspaper: Coachella ’07: Part I

Coachella ’07: Part 1
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 27 | May 07 2007

The buzz around Coachella escalates with each year’s lineup. This year’s unprecedented three-day program brought some history-making acts to the stage and sent concertgoers into fandom frenzy. It had been nearly seven years since Rage Against the Machine last threw their lyrical tirade and face-smacking riffs into a crowd, and four years since Bjork had graced the desert stage. Jesus and Mary Chain performed with a surprise guest, and Red Hot Chili Peppers heated up the cooling night sky. All in all, it was a star-studded weekend of musical revelries and some great artistic endeavors. We’ve captured the best and the worst performances on these pages.


Having been away from the limelight for several years, performing shows in her native Iceland and abroad, Bjork was received with an unprecedented but well-deserved welcome. Raving fans, ecstatic to see her perform, stood electrified. With her brass and string instrumentalists and vocalists in tow, she leapt across the stage in a hula skirt of colorful mesh strips and a corset decorated with images of bones outlining her figure. With a voice and stage presence as eccentric and singular as usual, she sang to an audience mouthing nearly every single word. Her appreciative ‘Thank you’ after every few songs, her broken English and heavy accent were nothing but adorable. Some made the trek just for this moment and any fear of disappointment dissipated after her opening song. It was history in the making, and not for the first (or last) time that weekend.

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23 April 2007: 2007 Newport Film Festival Brings Amazing Film Within Students’ Reach

Posted by Christina on March 5, 2009

nbffI did a preview on what the Newport Beach Film Festival had to offer the year before I was an intern and programmer there. Film festivals are awesome and I’m glad I could experience this one from so many angles.

New University Newspaper: 2007 Newport Film Festival Brings Amazing Film Within Students’ Reach

2007 Newport Film Festival Brings Amazing Film Within Students’ Reach
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 40, Issue 25 | Apr 23 2007

The greatest thing about film festivals stems from their unbridled ability to accept all forms of filmmaking. No fake tans, special effects or token movie stars found here. It’s work done for the love of the art, and with film festivals, artists have a venue for their work to be appreciated by advocates of the art and plain-old movie buffs alike.

Particularly with this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival, running until Saturday, April 28, the wide range of film genres being shown has a niche for everyone’s tastes. With full-length feature films, shorts, documentaries, action sports caught on tape and something for the kids, the festival seems prepared to go beyond the normal film festival’s expectations.

Patrons can also expect a varying milieu of themed series, including seminars for adults and kids alike and some extras for the after-hours party crowd, in addition to films from nearly every major genre.

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26 August 2006: Concert Report – Monsters Are Waiting at Sunset Junction

Posted by Christina on March 2, 2009

img_20091Working with a couple friends on a magazine they wanted to start up called Self Inflict Magazine, we were able to get into Sunset Junction in Silver Lake and interview some of the headlining bands, mainly Monsters Are Waiting. We took pictures of them and watched them perform. All in all, it was a street fair full of music and food, akin to San Diego’s Street Scene and a way smaller version of Indio’s Coachella.

Concert Report: Monsters Are Waiting at Sunset Junction

Monsters Are Waiting
Sunset Junction Street Fair, Silver Lake, CA
Saturday 26 August 06
3:00 p.m.
Opening: Kill Rabbit Kill, The Minor Cannon, Great Northern, The Little Ones

The Sunset Junction Street Fair is not only a street fair but a music festival held annually in Silver Lake. The first two-day neighborhood run festival was held in 1980 and since then has its yearly appearance closing down the streets of Silver Lake and Echo Park during the late summer heat of August. At first, it was an attempt to unify the predominantly Latino community which had seen change since then with the increasing numbers of gay community members. Now, more than two decades later, the community can enjoy their yearly tradition as a time of celebration for not only the unity amongst community members but it also showcases the thriving alternative and indie music scene of Silver Lake.

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20 September 2004: Oktoberfest Brings History to Huntington

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

oktoberfest-hbThis was fun. They let me know a festivity primarily consisting on various sausages and heavy drinking when I was 19-years-old. Other than that, it was pretty interesting seeing how tradition-based the whole event really was, and how authentically Old World Huntington Beach had maintained authenticity in upholding that very same tradition.

New University Newspaper: Oktoberfest Brings History to Huntington

Oktoberfest Brings History to Huntington
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 38, Issue 1 | Sep 20 2004

Two years after the royal wedding of King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1810, the first Oktoberfest took place in Munich, Bavaria. Now, nearly two centuries later, Old World in Huntington Beach continues the famous tradition with their 27th annual Oktoberfest celebration.

‘It’s always the middle of September to the end of October,’ explained Bern Bischof, now owner and manager of Old World. ‘It’s about seven weeks long and this year we started a little bit early, around Sept. 12, and then it’s going on all the way to Oct. 30.’

As far as the history of Oktoberfest is concerned, the city of Munich wanted to host an anniversary party for their king’s second marriage.

‘[There were] all the breweries coming in with their newly-brewed beer and things. It [the Oktoberfest] started with a horse race,’ said Dolores Bischof who, along with her husband, was the original owner and developer of Old World. ‘We don’t have a horse race here, we have a Dachshund race. And the whole town seemed to relate to the king and his festival for his anniversary. And that’s how the whole Oktoberfest started.’

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7 June 2004: Reggaefest 2004

Posted by Christina on February 28, 2009

cimg2174This was, by far, the most fun I had ever had on campus as a freshman. While they did serve alcohol at the event, they were good about not letting the under-21 crowd coerce friends in ASUCI (Associated Students at UCI) to slip them a pint or two. Regardless, there was music, laughter and a sprawling green hill that now houses the new Student Center. It was an absolute privilege to be given the job of covering the event. It’s such a great way of finally breathing comfortably after an entire year of school work.

New University Newspaper: Reggaefest 2004

Reggaefest 2004
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 37, Issue 31 | Jun 07 2004

The Student Center lawn was filled with music, free food and excitement, creating an all-around positive atmosphere. Beneath the bright sun, UCI students were finally feeling the anticipation of summer with just two weeks left of school.

‘We’ve been having [Reggaefest] for several years now,’ said fourth-year political science major, Arnab Banerjee, one of the campus events commissioners for ASUCI. ‘This is basically a celebration of Reggae culture as well as a way of giving back to UCI students. Free food, free beer, free frozen margarita drinks. It’s just a way to celebrate the culmination of the end of the year. It’s really a chill atmosphere and I think a lot of students like to come out at this time of the year right before finals and just have a good time right before they have to start studying.’

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