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25 April 2005: A Mourning for the Generations

Posted by Christina on March 1, 2009

123367_march_CAC_This year I was given the opportunity to cover the Candlelight Vigil held by the Armenian Student Association at UCI every year on April 24th to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. In later years I wasn’t allowed to do so because the editors claimed it would be a conflict of interest and thinking about it, they did have a point.

New University Newspaper: A Mourning for the Generations

A Mourning for the Generations
by Christina Nersesian
Volume 38, Issue 25 | Apr 25 2005

Amidst the booths and giant wooden cutouts of the various fraternities’ and sororities’ Greek letters, club members passing out pamphlets, loudspeakers and chants from the ASUCI candidates, not to mention the evangelical extremists holding banners of damnation, there was little room to see anything else.

The Career Fair booth made a barrier students had to weave through just to make it through Ring Road in a timely fashion. Even so, UC Irvine’s Armenian Student Association’s display commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide stood solemn and strong at the flagpoles on April 20.

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