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3 March 2006: Interview with Exene Cervenka and Jason Edge

Posted by Christina on March 2, 2009

img_0340I got this ridiculous chance to interview one of my absolute idols, Exene Cervenka. When the interview started, I was a shakey, nervous and giggly fan girl but by the end I felt at ease with her, totally comfortable in the tiny room tattered with graffiti, stickers and probably a variety of bodily excretions. Every time I read this transcription I’m in a new world and it’s because she is such an amazing woman and was so generous to sit down and talk to someone like me. When I broke down and let the fan girl out, I took the silliest picture ever, with her at my side.

This was featured in one of the earlier issues of a student-run zine at UC Irvine called Forest Fire. Earlier content can be found on an ICS Major’s website domain at Forest Fire Magazine. It seems now they thrive off their Team Forest Fire Blog and they’re a bunch of talented kids writing about the world around them and worth checking out.

Forest Fire Magazine: Interview with Exene Cervenka

Interview – Exene Cervenka [X, The Knitters, The Original Sinners], Jason Edge [The Original Sinners]
Showcase Theatre, Corona
3 March 06

Christina: I understand you’re friends with Kristine McKenna?
Exene: Yes.
C: I interviewed her for one of my other classes. My project was to find a literary journalist and I found out about her because her book came out, Talk To Her, and I saw your name, actually, that she interviewed you and I thought, “Oh my gosh, who is this?” and I got in touch with her.
E: Well that’s good. She should be interviewed, she’s an amazing woman. Her books are great. She’s interviewed so many interesting people.

C: Tell me a little bit about your art. You had that art exhibition in Santa Monica last year?
E: Yeah and then I had another one in Miami and another one in New York. It’s collages that I make from things that I’ve found over the last thirty years, or so. Things that I get, find on the street, get in thrift stores or people send me. They’ve got all kinds of different images. It’s really a great art form because you can get really lost in it, while you’re doing it and you can juxtapose so many different things to make one message, which is really fun to do in art. So I’m loving that, that’s my favorite thing. If you make art.
C: So it’s kind of like found art?
E: Yeah, it’s kind of found, yeah. And you put things together. Just like if you have a picture of someone smiling and then you find a cartoon-type picture of someone making the exact same face, or something, and just overlap them and then it’s something else.
C: That’s awesome. That’s definitely cool because it’s things that are accessible.
E: Mhm. There’s beauty in the mundane.

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